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Doc Johnson Mood – Naughty 2

Small – 3.4 in. Long and 0.9 in. Wide

Medium – 3.9 in. Long and 1 in. Wide

Large – 4.8 in. Long and 1.2 in. Wide

These are my absolute favorite plugs for everyday-all day use. The tapered base holds them securely inserted but doesn’t chafe like other rounded plugs. I consider these my “work-plug” because I can wear them the whole 9+ work day, feeling filled and slightly subby yet still carry on at work. It is like a slow burn to charge me up for later with my beloved.

I own all three sizes and can say that each has their moments. The smallest won’t be always called upon unless you are just beginning in the joys of anal. The medium is always a comfortable fit, like a good pair of jeans, but I find myself going for the large because I enjoy the (slight) challenge that it gives.

Any or all of these will be a useful workaday addition to your collection.

For more of a challenge see my review of LovetoyButt plug

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