b-Vibe Snug Plug 3

I am surely no novice to butt plugs and enjoy the fullness as well as the mental submissive state of wearing a butt plug. As a result, I am always in search of the ultimate butt plug that I can wear daily, whether to work or doing errands. It needs to be big enough that I am conscious of it yet not so large that I can’t walk right. There’s a time and place for those size plugs. <grin>

I’ve used the Doc Johnson plugs for quite some time for those scenarios and they have certainly served their purpose but I am always on the lookout for something more. I know what I want in a plug now and it was just a matter of finding the right one.

The b-Vibe Snug Plugs are just that. Immediately I gravitated towards the 6 oz (180g) Snug Plug 3. The vibrating torpedo shaped 4″ insertable length with a 5″ diameter is certainly not made for beginners. (The Snug Plug 1 at 3″ is available for those of you newbies) The added weight in the core helped accentuate the sensation of fullness especially when I inadvertently leaned against vibrating machinery. Oh my! I had heard stories about what a vibrating egg could do in conjunction to a the vibrating plug. It opens up all new possibilities.

Snug Plugs are made of the body-safe, seamless silicone that you want in an anal plug. It cleans up easily and I’ve already run it through the dishwasher and it survived.

Once found out they made a Snug Plug 5 I took on the challenge and ordered it.

I will let you know how that goes!!


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