Doc Johnson Mood – Naughty 2

Doc Johnson Mood – Naughty 2.

Small – 3.4 in. Long and 0.9 in. Wide

Medium – 3.9 in. Long and 1 in. Wide

Large – 4.8 in. Long and 1.2 in. Wide

These are my absolute favorite plugs for everyday-all day use. The tapered base holds them securely inserted but doesn’t chafe like other rounded plugs. I consider these my “work-plug” because I can wear them the whole 9+ work day, feeling filled and slightly subby yet still carry on at work. It is like a slow burn to charge me up for later with my beloved.

I own all three sizes and can say that each has their moments. The smallest won’t be always called upon unless you are just beginning in the joys of anal. The medium is always a comfortable fit, like a good pair of jeans, but I find myself going for the large because I enjoy the (slight) challenge that it gives.

Any or all of these will be a useful workaday addition to your collection.

For more of a challenge see my review of LovetoyButt plug

Or take a look at what could be my new favorite everyday plug


b-Vibe Snug Plug 3

I am surely no novice to butt plugs and enjoy the fullness as well as the mental submissive state of wearing a butt plug. As a result, I am always in search of the ultimate butt plug that I can wear daily, whether to work or doing errands. It needs to be big enough that I am conscious of it yet not so large that I can’t walk right. There’s a time and place for those size plugs. <grin>

I’ve used the Doc Johnson plugs for quite some time for those scenarios and they have certainly served their purpose but I am always on the lookout for something more. I know what I want in a plug now and it was just a matter of finding the right one.

The b-Vibe Snug Plugs are just that. Immediately I gravitated towards the 6 oz (180g) Snug Plug 3. The vibrating torpedo shaped 4″ insertable length with a 5″ diameter is certainly not made for beginners. (The Snug Plug 1 at 3″ is available for those of you newbies) The added weight in the core helped accentuate the sensation of fullness especially when I inadvertently leaned against vibrating machinery. Oh my! I had heard stories about what a vibrating egg could do in conjunction to a the vibrating plug. It opens up all new possibilities.

Snug Plugs are made of the body-safe, seamless silicone that you want in an anal plug. It cleans up easily and I’ve already run it through the dishwasher and it survived.

Once found out they made a Snug Plug 5 I took on the challenge and ordered it.

I will let you know how that goes!!

End of an era..

So… Tumblr is being cowed by Apple and prudish self-appointed gatekeepers. The BDSM community there was quite inclusive and positive. There were many fabulous bloggers that promoted the principles of safe, sane and consensual as well as posting some of the most intensely decadent images that were sure to stoke your flames.

They were my inspiration for this webpage…..

I hope to keep this page as a friendly place that allows, nay…encourages healthy positive bumping of the uglies in all it’s glory and manifestations.

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